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concept image of wisdom teeth that will cause infection

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Infections?

The wisdom teeth are located at the back of your mouth and are the last to fully develop. Sometimes they may not grow in at all. This can cause severe pain and pressure under your gums. Your dentist will likely have told you that you need wisdom teeth removal. Why are wisdom teeth so important … Read more

Stock Image of Model Suffering with Tooth Pain

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Pain

The last set of teeth to grow in your mouth are your wisdom teeth, which are the third molars on the back of your jaw. These teeth usually emerge between age 17 and 22, when your other teeth have already grown in fully. A lot of patients at Dental Care of Pomona start feeling pain … Read more

digital graphic of teeth, with wisdom tooth growing in at an angle

What Happens if Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Removed?

Many people get their wisdom teeth removed before they turn 18. Others have them removed later in life. But are there also people who don’t get their wisdom teeth removed at all? Our dentist Pomona experts are often asked what would happen if wisdom teeth are never removed. Can they cause a lifetime of pain … Read more

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