Month: August 2015

graphic of energy drink being poured over graphic of tooth, which is melting as if being doused with acid. in the background, a "sports drink" brand sports drink ominously waits for its turn

How Mouth Guards Protect Your Teeth

Mouth guard protects your teeth from injury from during sporting, teeth grinding. Benefits of using mouth guards: Helps reduce headache Eliminates discomfort during sleep Eases aching neck and shoulders Reduces tension on jaw muscle Protects teeth from clenching and grinding Three types of mouth guards: Custom fitted – individually fit by your dentist may take an impression. … Read more

toothbrush with toothpaste

Things to consider when choosing a tooth paste

When it come to selecting the right tooth paste confusion and more confusion so many brand we see at the store and difficult to make the right decision. Your Dentist will answer your question and give option according to your needs how you feel about your teeth may be a factor to help you make … Read more

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