Signs of Wisdom Teeth Pain

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Pain

The last set of teeth to grow in your mouth are your wisdom teeth, which are the third molars on the back of your jaw. These teeth usually emerge between age 17 and 22, when your other teeth have already grown in fully. A lot of patients at Dental Care of Pomona start feeling pain when their wisdom teeth grow in. It isn’t always apparent that wisdom teeth are the source of discomfort. Watch out for these top signs of wisdom teeth pain.

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Pain

Symptoms and severity may differ, but it’s important to recognize the biggest signs of wisdom teeth pain so preventative measures can be taken.

Bad Breath

Do you suddenly have a lot of foul smells coming out of your mouth? Even if you brush your teeth, you may be concerned by your rapid onset halitosis. Bad smells might be coming from your emerging wisdom teeth if they have become infected. Unfortunately, it is quite common for your wisdom teeth to get infected because of how they emerge out of your gums.

Swollen Gums

Do your gums feel redder and more sensitive than usual? Are you having trouble brushing your teeth because it hurts when you do? Swollen gums towards the back of your mouth are one of the surest signs that you are dealing with impacted wisdom teeth. There is not always enough space for your wisdom teeth to emerge, which becomes more of an urgent issue the closer your teeth get to erupting. You may be feeling a lot of pain in your gums before realizing that the discomfort is coming from these new teeth.

Jaw Pain

Your jaw has to handle a lot of pressure, and when it is trying to push teeth out through your gums, it goes through a lot of strain. Jaw pain is indicative of wisdom tooth pain, especially when the pain becomes so great that the jaw starts to swell. Swollen jaws and cheeks are a serious issue no matter how much or how little they hurt. It’s important to visit your dentist immediately to seek proper treatment for wisdom tooth pain.

Treating Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth have become impacted, they can’t properly emerge and grow in your mouth. This causes pressure, pain, stress, and infection to spread around the area. Eventually, this will cause increasing discomfort and pain, opening you up to the risk of other serious oral health issues. In order to properly diagnose and treat impacted wisdom teeth, dental x-rays may be necessary.

Some people can experience problems with their wisdom teeth even without having any negative symptoms at all. Even if you believe that nothing is wrong, it is imperative to schedule an appointment with your dentist every six months for a well-rounded checkup.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth are causing any kind of complications in the mouth, it’s time to get rid of them. Unfortunately, the best treatment that can get rid of pain is to invest in wisdom tooth extraction in Pomona. Not only will this save the integrity of your jaw and gums, but you will also save space that can be taken up by the rest of your teeth. It is important to speak with your dental experts about the state of your wisdom teeth so you can protect your overall oral health.

Get the Best Dental Care Today!

At Dentist Pomona, we strive to help you have a happy smile. Earning your wisdom teeth can be a painful experience and one that may lead to even more pain and discomfort down the line. In most cases, it’s just best to get rid of them altogether. Speak with your local experts about wisdom teeth removal at any age.

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