Month: May 2015

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Chewing Gum is a good idea or a bad habit. Good or Bad

A regular Brushing and flossing is the best to do help to keep your teeth healthy. If we ask our self what if a chewing gum will help to preventive us from an embarrassing situation when we don’t have the tooth brush or the floss, chewing gum will replace hygiene only as temporary emergency, but … Read more

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Fluoride: The Cavity Fighter

Your mouth is constantly fighting acids & other sugars that can lead to tooth decay. The use of Fluoride can play a big role in preventing cavities & strengthening the enamel of your teeth. The most common and natural source of fluoride can be found in your tap water & some foods. There are many … Read more

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Periodontal Disease may affect general health

WHAT IS GUM DISEASE OR PERIODONTAL DISEASE? Is a silent, persistent bacterial infection around the gums and the bone that support the teeth Some indication that you may have an infection: Pain while chewing Red, swollen and tender gums Gums that bleed after brushing or flossing Persistent bad breath and Loose teeth A major cause … Read more

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