Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom tooth extraction pomona

Wisdom teeth or our third molars, are the last teeth to pop out right at the back portion of our teeth. They usually emerge between ages 17 to 25. Although some of us may expect for more than that.

As molars start growing, they also start affecting other teeth by becoming impacted or by growing sideways. This could cause you pain and they need to be removed. Cysts and tumors may appear sometimes around the area where the impaction had taken place, this may require surgery to remove those.

Signs and Symptoms that you should look out for:

Wisdom teeth often times doesn’t manifest any symptoms. Here are the symptoms that you should observe when your wisdom teeth will need to be removed: 

  • Jaw stiffness or pain near your impacted wisdom tooth
  • Irritation and pain from a tooth that is coming in at a weird angle and rubs on your cheek, tongue, or top or bottom of your mouth.
  • Swelling feeling on your gums

Before the dentist removes your wisdom tooth, he will first give you an anesthesia to numb the area where the pain is felt. Usually, the anesthesia that the doctor will administer is a general anesthesia which could prevent pain in your whole body. However, it will make you sleepy throughout the procedure.

Dr. Changela will probably recommend that you do not eat or drink anything hours before your surgery so that you are prepared for your anesthesia. In extracting the wisdom tooth, the dentist will open up the gums over the tooth and remove any bone that covers the tooth. He will then separate the gum connecting to your wisdom tooth to the bone and extract the tooth. 

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