Dental Bridges

dental bridges pomonaDental bridges are made from three types of material, solid gold for reliable long wear, porcelain fused to a gold base for strength and beauty, and high-strength metal-free porcelain for optimum cosmetic results. With proper care, your new bridge will increase your overall health and instill confidence for years to come.

Why are dental bridges recommended?

Dental bridges are a good option for replacing missing teeth. Bridges help enhance your smile by filling teeth gaps, therefore, restoring the functionality of your teeth and reducing discomfort.

If you have lost your teeth due because of an injury or dental disease, Pearl Dental Care’s trusted Pomona dentists will determine if it’s a dental bridge, a dental implant, or a combination of the two treatments are most appropriate for your specific needs.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges consist of two parts: a replacement tooth and a dental crown. The replacement tooth is placed in the gap left by a missing natural tooth is missing and is supported by a crown on either side. These crowns are attached either to the adjacent natural teeth or to dental implants.

Replacement teeth are made of either ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. The type of material will be chosen based on your needs and goals, and the location of the missing tooth to be replaced. Ceramic replacement teeth are more suited to replace missing front teeth, while porcelain and metal are better options for replacing teeth in the back of the mouth.

Complete your smile again

Whether you choose solid gold bridges, porcelain bridges fused to a gold base, or metal-free porcelain bridges, we assure you that your new dental bridge will improve your oral and overall health and keep you carefree and smiling every day.

Don’t let missing teeth make you afraid to smile. Call us today at 909-839-1004 to schedule an appointment and learn how dental bridges can give you confident and beautiful smiles.