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featured image of danger of delaying a root canal

Dangers of Delaying a Root Canal

The very phrase “root canal” sends a cold shiver of fear into the hearts of many dental patients. Whether this is your very first time getting a root canal or you are returning for additional treatments, you are likely dreading this type of tooth procedure. The urban myths surrounding root canals call this procedure painful, … Read more

concept of dental crowns lifespan and maintenance

Dental Crowns Lifespan and Maintenance

If you have ever had dental crowns, you might wonder if they can last forever. Depending on their shape, their composition, and how much dental damage you deal with, you can expect your crowns to last a very long time. It can end up possible that after many years, you may need a replacement. Dental … Read more

concept of mistakes to avoid with dentures

6 Mistakes to Avoid with Dentures

Patients who are looking to replace their teeth can choose dentures. You can wear dentures with confidence, and they will restore full functionality to your mouth. Dentures have the advantage of being removable easily. You can place them in a solution overnight for cleaning. Let’s look at 6 mistakes to avoid with dentures. 6 Mistakes … Read more

Concept for traeting gum disease with dental tools

Is it Too Late for Me to Treat Gum Disease?

If you know someone who has lost their teeth at an adult age, it is most likely due to gum disease. This is one of the most common medical diseases on the planet, and unfortunately one of the most untreated – until it’s too late. This disease develops in a series of stages; naturally, the … Read more

woman with pained expression massaging cheek

What to Do With a Dead Tooth

If you recently had a tooth infection or a cavity, and you did not get it treated in time, it may have spread to the root of your tooth. When this occurs, a root canal procedure is necessary to stop the infection from spreading further. After you have had a root canal procedure, that tooth … Read more

young patient receiving treatment from dentist with dental pick and mirror

Should Children Get Dental Fillings?

No matter how good you and your children are at practicing daily dental hygiene, kids are still prone to getting cavities. And when this happens, you may be worried about what options are available for your little ones. Should children get dental fillings? Is it too early for a child to go through the dental … Read more

Prosthodontic model

How to Avoid Dental Bridge Problems

Dental bridges replace missing teeth. They make it easier to chew and restore your ability to speak. They also correct your smile and protect your other teeth from shifting. But, how do you take care of your dental bridges? Taking preventative action is the best way to avoid dental bridge problems. Find out the difference … Read more

Doctor's hand shows a tooth .

You May Not Need A Dental Crown After All!

Teeth are resilient, but they also do a lot of work that can wear them down over time. A crown is a way to restore damaged teeth to their former strength. With over 2 million made every year, dental crowns are the most common restorative dental procedure. There are many reasons you may need a … Read more

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