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Types of Treatment Offered by Pediatric Dentists

Depending on the age of your child, it is a good idea to start establishing a regular dental routine. While children can be afraid of the dentist, you can help them defeat their fears by familiarizing them with their very own dental expert. Pediatric dentists specialize in offering dental services to children, helping them feel … Read more

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Top Foods for Healthy Gums

A receding gumline can spell danger to your overall dental health. Red, irritating, or bleeding gums are certainly a sign of gum infection and could lead to the early stages of gum disease. In order to prevent a lifetime of poor oral health, you can invest in professional gum disease treatment with your Pomona dental … Read more

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Dangers of Delaying a Root Canal

The very phrase “root canal” sends a cold shiver of fear into the hearts of many dental patients. Whether this is your very first time getting a root canal or you are returning for additional treatments, you are likely dreading this type of tooth procedure. The urban myths surrounding root canals call this procedure painful, … Read more

concept of dental bridge keep falling out

Why Does My Dental Bridge Keep Falling Out?

Dental bridges are effective restorative dentistry treatments designed to “bridge” the gap between missing teeth. Often, bridges are supported by implants or dental adhesive, meaning it is very difficult for them to fall out. While they can last patients many many years, some folks who have visited their dentist in Pomona have come to ask: … Read more

concept of dental crowns lifespan and maintenance

Dental Crowns Lifespan and Maintenance

If you have ever had dental crowns, you might wonder if they can last forever. Depending on their shape, their composition, and how much dental damage you deal with, you can expect your crowns to last a very long time. It can end up possible that after many years, you may need a replacement. Dental … Read more

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Why Dental Fillings Could Save Your Teeth

Dental fillings are a popular and common general dentistry procedure. They can help maintain the overall appearance of your mouth, as well as promote better health. Most dental offices now use tooth-colored fillings, although there are several types of fillings procedures available to suit every kind of need. To help you understand the advantages of … Read more

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How Many Dental X-Rays are Safe Per Year?

Since the invention of dental x-rays, routine dental exams have included them on a daily basis. The technology uses a touch of radiation to take an image of the inside of your mouth, specifically highlighting your bones. X-rays are meant to spot early signs of your decay and monitor your teeth from the inside out. … Read more

concept of mistakes to avoid with dentures

6 Mistakes to Avoid with Dentures

Patients who are looking to replace their teeth can choose dentures. You can wear dentures with confidence, and they will restore full functionality to your mouth. Dentures have the advantage of being removable easily. You can place them in a solution overnight for cleaning. Let’s look at 6 mistakes to avoid with dentures. 6 Mistakes … Read more

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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Infections?

The wisdom teeth are located at the back of your mouth and are the last to fully develop. Sometimes they may not grow in at all. This can cause severe pain and pressure under your gums. Your dentist will likely have told you that you need wisdom teeth removal. Why are wisdom teeth so important … Read more

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Do You Need Teeth Cleaning Twice a Year?

If you haven’t visited the dentist in a while, your teeth are probably feeling it. Even though you may take very good care of your teeth at home, it’s important to visit your trusted dentist for semi-annual teeth cleaning in Pomona. When you step into our office, you are greeted by a friendly staff of … Read more

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