Things to consider when choosing a tooth paste

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015

Things to consider when choosing a tooth paste
When it come to selecting the right tooth paste confusion and more confusion so many brand we see at the store and difficult to make the right decision. Your Dentist will answer your question and give option according to your needs how you feel about your teeth may be a factor to help you make the right choice of what kind of toothpaste will be best for you.
Ask you self:  What do you feel when you drink cold water or hot water? Do you like to have whiter teeth? Do you notice that you always brush and at your dentist consultation he said  you have tartar again? What can you do? Many brands choose from and you are so confused. Always select the one has the seal of approval ADA.
When you see a tooth paste they offer specific help in addition of cleaning teeth.
After you have answered your question, now you know what you are looking for.
  • Antimicrobial – 1) This one contain stannous fluoride,  provide anti cavity and                                     sensitivity benefits.
  • Tartar Control    1) sodium pyrophosphates benefit keep tartar from forming
                                       2) Sodium hexametaphosphate Prevent tartar and stain above the
                                           Gum line.
Remember tartar control will not remove it if you already have stubborn tartar please visit your Dentist.
  • Whitening   1) contain chemical or abrasive ingredient to help remove and                                    prevent stain from forming on the teeth.
  • Sensitive teeth  1)Receding gum may also be sensitive teeth because of the                                     root exposed very common after the age 35.
Some label for gum care, early gingivitis. Many tooth paste have attractive name but the most important look for the ingredient Triclosan: attack bacteria is been prove the tooth paste that fight gingivitis, cavities, tartar, and plaque.
Your smile is a great way to show you Oral health if you have any other question please visit your dentist.
Another most important ingredient to look for when choosing tooth paste is Fluoride. Fluoride make your tooth enamel stronger and less likely to suffer acid damage also can reverse the early stages of acid damage by rematerializing the staved to decay. Fluoride is the top choice aids in strengthening the tooth enamel and helps avoid damage caused by acids. Make sure if is a child under 6 years old choose for .1 % fluoride and used little bit of tooth paste the size of a q-tip head size amount of tooth paste. Children older than 6 year can use more will no swallow it.
Choosing for tooth paste is very personal from flavor to natural ingredient or fewer artificial ingredients. Please parent you may want to invest and do what is necessary flavor tooth paste if that will help you to get your kids to brush.
Astrid Arostegui R.D.A.
Office Manager