Why Dental Fillings Could Save Your Teeth

Why Dental Fillings Could Save Your Teeth

Dental fillings are a popular and common general dentistry procedure. They can help maintain the overall appearance of your mouth, as well as promote better health. Most dental offices now use tooth-colored fillings, although there are several types of fillings procedures available to suit every kind of need. To help you understand the advantages of composite fillings and to find out why dental fillings could save your teeth from infection and decay, our friendly experts will explain them to you today.

Why Dental Fillings Could Save Your Teeth

Dental offices use tooth-colored fillings in most cases, but there are other options. You should get your cavity fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Your trusted dentist in Pomona will explain the process and many benefits of dental fillings so you can determine whether this treatment is for you.

More About the Dental Fillings Process

Fillings are a minimally-invasive type of procedure used to get rid of cavities that may have formed as a result of decay. Before the decay can spread further, your dentist will fill the decayed spot with a filling to seal the tooth and get rid of the infection.

The most popular types of fillings are composite, or tooth-colored fillings. These can be used in place of older metal ones, replacing them with a longer-lasting material. They have become very popular with patients and dentists over the last decade. These fillings do not use metal but instead use acrylic or ceramic materials to repair damaged teeth. For optimal aesthetic results, the material is color-matched to each individual tooth. Because of their aesthetic benefits, tooth-colored fillings are much more popular with younger patients than older patients.

How to Save Your Teeth with Fillings

Composite fillings have the advantage that they look very much like natural teeth and blend with your mouth color. Also, composite fillings can be difficult to spot when placed next to a natural tooth. Composite fillings will increase your confidence and let you smile without worrying about any signs of decay. You don’t have to live with decay or cavities in your teeth. With our simple fillings, you can give your smile a second lease on life.

Some additional benefits include:

Personalized Dental Procedures Made Available

Composite fillings can be made to match the contours and color of your teeth for a perfectly unique treatment each time you visit the dentist. Whether or not you need one or multiple fillings, they are always made to order and your dentist will use just the right amount for your needs.

Safe and Functional Dental Treatment

The traditional silver amalgam material has the tendency to shrink or expand with temperature. This can cause serious problems for your mouth and could also lead to cracks and breakages that would make the filling irreparable. Composite fillings are durable and can last for a lifetime.

Knowing When to Replace Your Fillings

It is possible that you don’t remember when your last fillings were or the type of material used by your dentist. To schedule an appointment with your dentist if you believe that your fillings need to be replaced, contact them. Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for.

  • Bad breath that will not go away
  • You may have new sores in the mouth
  • A sudden jaw or tooth pain
  • Eating and chewing correctly is difficult
  • When you brush your teeth, gums that are tender and swollen
  • Extreme heat and cold sensitivity

You should also be on the lookout for other conditions. You might feel like the cavity is returning to the place where it was once filled. Your fillings may have cracked because of physical trauma. It is time to have your fillings replaced.

Check In On Your Dental Health Today

It doesn’t matter if you have had many fillings or just a few in the past, it is a good idea for your dental health to be checked. Contact our friendly dentists today to find out if you require new fillings. We offer a wide range of treatments to help all patients, including top-notch dental fillings in Pomona. Call our office today for the best in cavity fillings and overall dental health for now and into the future!

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