How Many Dental X-Rays are Safe Per Year?

How Many Dental X-Rays are Safe Per Year?

Since the invention of dental x-rays, routine dental exams have included them on a daily basis. The technology uses a touch of radiation to take an image of the inside of your mouth, specifically highlighting your bones. X-rays are meant to spot early signs of your decay and monitor your teeth from the inside out. X-rays detect problems that dentists can’t always see with the naked eye, which is why x-rays are part of a routine checkup process. So how many dental x-rays are safe per year?

How Many Dental X-Rays are Safe Per Year?

A general dentist will recommend that x-rays are taken once per year. For most patients, two routine checkups per year are recommended. But how many dental x-rays are safe per year, exactly? What preventative measures can patients take to ensure that they don’t suffer any long-term damage from this procedure? Today, your trusted dentist in Pomona will talk about the safety status of x-rays and how many you can get per year without running any risks.

Are X-Rays Safe?

There are almost no risks from dental x-rays as long as dentists and patients follow the prescribed procedure. The radiation levels you get from x-rays can cause no harm to your body.

Before you go under x-rays, our dental professionals will ensure that you are fully aware of all safety precautions. Before you go into the x-ray room, there are several questions you’ll need to answer. These questions include your pregnancy status and any pre-existing conditions that might make you more sensitive to radiation.

Why are X-Rays Still Required During Routine Dentist Appointments?

Although technology has improved over the years there are still many reasons why x-rays continue to remain an important part of the screening process. It’s easier to spot problems before they become more serious once they are visible to the naked eye. X-rays can help you recognize problems with your teeth early to avoid financial and/or medical pain later.
Many patients have avoided painful and hard dental problems like periodontitis and advanced decay that require tooth extraction to treat. Dentists use x-rays to detect potential problems and prevent them from becoming more severe or fatal.

Can X-Rays Become Unsafe?

Radiation used in dental x-rays is very low and even less than it was a decade ago. One x-ray emits about 0.1mrem radiation. The average person receives more radiation from the environment in one year. Drinking water emits about 5mrem annually. Smoking cigarettes can provide you with more than 1300mrem over the course of a few months. Contrary to this, x-ray radiation can be almost undetectable, so it is still important to ensure you are staying below recommended radiation levels. Our Pomona dentists prioritize your safety and health above all else when you visit us.

Once or Twice Per Year for X-Rays

A general dentist will take x-rays every 12 months to ensure that there aren’t any jaw malpositions, bone loss, or shifts in your teeth. These abnormalities are often difficult to detect during routine exams. With x-rays, the general dentist can view the inside of the bone and beneath the teeth. This is impossible to see normally. Without taking annual x-rays, the general dentist may not be able to detect certain abnormalities, which can worsen over time and develop into a much more serious dental issue.

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