What Does Sudden Tooth Pain Mean?

What Does Sudden Tooth Pain Mean?

Sometimes the unexpected happens: your teeth and gums just start to hurt for seemingly no reason. And no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get the pain to go away. If you are dealing with problems like this, you probably wonder: what does sudden tooth pain mean? Is it an emergency, or something that can be fixed with a quick trip to the local general & family dentistry in Pomona? So, what does sudden tooth pain mean?

What Does Sudden Tooth Pain Mean?

Truthfully, sudden tooth pain can mean a lot of things. It is the leading cause of oral health problems for adults in the United States, and that could be triggered by anything from a bad meal to poor hygiene habits. Let’s take a look at common causes of tooth pain and how you can resolve it ASAP.

Gum Disease

Tooth pain could be a symptom of gum recession, which happens when the gums start to expose the lower parts of your teeth. Your tooth is composed of sensitive veins and blood cells at the bottom, which receive blood and other nutrients through roots that attach to the gums. Exposing this area is very dangerous and could lead to irreversible decay and infection.


Cavities are a result of advanced tooth decay spreading through the mouth. When you consume food and drinks, it can cause bacteria to build upon the surface of your teeth. If you don’t brush it off often, it can form into infectious decay that spreads into the core of your tooth. This can cause brown or black spots that grow over time. If left untreated, cavities can turn into a serious infection that gets into the gums and sparks a series of poor health conditions in the body.

Worn Enamel

Do your teeth hurt every time you try to consume something really hot or really cold? You might be feeling sensitive to temperatures because you have worn down enamel. Enamel is the protective outer layer on the teeth. It keeps your teeth hard while preventing infection and decay from seeping in.

But that doesn’t mean that enamel is invincible; it is possible for enamel to get worn down as it chips and cracks after heavy use. Your teeth might be hurting because your enamel has been stripped away and you are feeling sensitive.

Getting Treatment for Constant Tooth Pain

Are your teeth always giving you trouble? You should schedule an appointment with your dental expert to get to the bottom of the issue. It’s important to figure out the source of your constant tooth pain so you can receive the correct treatment right away. Depending on your needs, it is likely that only minor treatment is necessary. Some cases of minor infection can be treated with a cavity filling or a dental crown.

In the event of severe decay, you may need a root canal procedure. Many patients fear going to the dentist for this kind of procedure. But it is not too painful or difficult to achieve. Plus, it could be what saves your tooth. Otherwise, you may have to have your tooth extracted as a final resort to stop the infection from spreading to the more vital parts of your body.

Stop Dealing With Tooth Pain!

Constant tooth pain is not something that you should be living with. While minor toothaches come and go, severe indicators of pain that won’t go away should be addressed as quickly as possible. When you invest in a cavity filling or a root canal in Pomona, you can save your tooth and the health of your mouth by wiping out all signs of infection. Learn more about your treatment options when you contact our Dental Care of Pomona pros today!

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