How Mouth Guards Protect Your Teeth

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015

How Mouth Guards Protect Your Teeth
Mouth guard protects your teeth from injury from during sporting, teeth grinding.
Benefits of using mouth guards:
  • Helps reduce headache
  • Eliminates discomfort during sleep
  • Eases aching neck and shoulders
  • Reduces tension on jaw muscle
  • Protects teeth from clenching and grinding
Three types of mouth guards:
  1. Custom fitted – individually fit by your dentist may take an impression.
  2.  Stock (not recommended) – is bulky, and can be bought in stores
  3.  Boil and Bite – may offer a better fit
The best mouth guard is one that is custom made for you by your dentist. It is very important for when active in sports and it is mostly a part of standard equipment. Mouth guards are also called Mouth Protectors. Doctors may recommend these for your braces, for sleeping, for TMJ, or for snoring.
Generally mouth guards are for your upper teeth only but your dentist will recommend to you
according to your needs if you need the lower mouth guard.
Astrid Arostegui R.D.A.
     Office Manager