Chewing Gum is a good idea or a bad habit. Good or Bad

Chewing Gum is a good idea or a bad habit. Good or Bad

A regular Brushing and flossing is the best to do help to keep your teeth healthy.

If we ask our self what if a chewing gum will help to preventive us from an embarrassing situation when we don’t have the tooth brush or the floss, chewing gum will replace hygiene only as temporary emergency, but Chewing Gum shouldn’t be replace a good hygiene practices.

Studies has found that chewing Gum It may help to reduce tooth Decay recommended Sugar free Gum, those are the benefit will improve concentration, reduce tooth Decay, aid to relaxation. But remember too much of chewing can increase wear and tear of the cartilage in the Jaw.

Chewing Gum can be good and bad for your teeth depend on what type of Gum you chew. Sugar free is recommended. If you do it help to stimulate the flow of saliva in your mouth, saliva protect your teeth. Chewing Gum 20 minutes after meal activate to resting oral PH, Chewing Gum that contain Xylitol, you get cavity free fighting power of xyliton

Always look for chewing Gum that caries ADA Seal. Like the chewing gum (Trident.)

Some of the negative reaction of Chewing Gum when is done with no control, It will motivate to eat JUNK-FOOD we know that people that chew Gum were less likely to eat fruits. TMJ problem is another cause by chewing Gum it contracts the muscles and also it related pain to headaches, earaches, and toothaches over time.

Chewing Gum cause bloating, gastrointestinal problem plus you are sending a message to your body the enzymes and acids that are activated and with out food they are indented to digest

One more of the side effect of chewing gum is; if you haven’t change your Amalgam filling in your mouth the Mercury is released from your amalgam fillings, is an option for you to improve your smile and if you like chewing gum a white bonding material will be the best for you to consider, because the impact of excessive chewing mercury vapor is released and goes to the bloodstream.

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