Why Does My Dental Bridge Keep Falling Out?

Why Does My Dental Bridge Keep Falling Out?

Dental bridges are effective restorative dentistry treatments designed to “bridge” the gap between missing teeth. Often, bridges are supported by implants or dental adhesive, meaning it is very difficult for them to fall out. While they can last patients many many years, some folks who have visited their dentist in Pomona have come to ask: Why does my dental bridge keep falling out?

Why Does My Dental Bridge Keep Falling Out?

If you are struggling with a dental bridge that just won’t sit still no matter what you do, you might need further assistance from a professional. Keep reading to learn more about dental bridges and dental bridge repair.

Your Dental Bridge Fell Off: What to Do

The first thing you need to remember as soon as you notice your bridge has fallen off is that you should not panic. When your bridge falls off, it’s important to keep the bridge with you and visit your dentist as quickly as you can. It is best if you visit your dentist the very same day your bridge fell. The bridge might be able to be reattached, or a new one will be made.

Depending on the cause of your dental bridge problems, your dentist might want to reassess the strength of your surrounding teeth to make sure they are still strong enough to support a bridge. Whether they are attached to implants or not, your bridges should be solid and rigid without falling out.

Why Dental Bridges Fall Out

There are a number of reasons why your dental bridge might have fallen out, from poor installation to physical injury. Here are a few common causes below:

Bad Bite

If you cannot properly bite down after having your dental bridges installed, let your dentist know right away. It is better to let them know immediately so adjustments can be made, rather than waiting until after your recovery. If you prolong telling your dentist about your inability to bite down all the way, you could be putting pressure on your bridges which will cause them to loosen up.

Dental Decay

A bad case of decay can spread quickly throughout the mouth and the rest of the body. Cavities form when bacteria from leftover foods and other substances are left on the surface of the teeth. Over time, they build up and spread to form pockets of decay.

If this decay is spotted soon enough, it can be treated with a cavity filling or a crown. But if it continues to spread underneath, and there is no tooth left to support the crown, it and the surrounding structures – including dental bridges – will fall out of your mouth.

Gum Disease

Similar to dental decay, gum disease can quickly cause your gums to deteriorate. This makes your gumline recede above the roots of your teeth. This leaves your teeth exposed, causing them to become sensitive and much more fragile. Unfortunately, this also causes them to loosen. Maybe you have had both dental bridges and teeth fall out due to gum disease. Then it’s important to get in touch with a gum disease specialist ASAP.

Get the Best Dental Bridge Treatment Today

Are you getting ready for bridges for the first time? Or are you concerned because your current bridges keep falling out? Either way, visit your friendly dental specialists today. We offer several customizable solutions for dental bridges in Pomona that can help you restore your dental health back to the way it once was before you lost any of your teeth.

Feel the comfort of biting, chewing, smiling, and even speaking again when you have a restoration option that fills in those uncomfortable gaps. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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