Is Gum Disease Reversible? 

Is Gum Disease Reversible? 

The first thing you should do once you’ve been diagnosed with a disease is to assess your treatment options. This is no less true for dental-related issues such as gum disease or gingivitis. While gum disease develops in stages, it can be prevented through several different measures. If caught early, gum disease is reversible. You can discuss each of these with your trusted dentist. 

Gum disease, like any other condition, is easier to treat when you are still showing early signs. As the disease advances, it can become increasingly difficult to find preventative measures. This is why our experts at Pearl Dental are here to help you determine how advanced your gum disease has become, and whether or not you can reverse its symptoms. 

About Gum Disease

The American Academy of Periodontology attributes the cause of gum disease to the unhealthy buildup of harmful bacteria on your teeth. Bad bacteria can build up on your teeth and harden to form plaque, which can be difficult to get rid of. Overall poor oral hygiene can lead to the development of gum disease, which has acute effects as time goes on. 

Depending on what stage of gum disease you have, it may or may not be reversible. In its early stages, which is also known as gingivitis, there is a good chance of getting rid of the symptoms altogether. 

Symptoms of Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the common name for the first stage of gum disease. At this point, gum disease is reversible. But to be able to reverse early gum disease successfully, you need to be on the lookout for the warning signs. 

Some of the early signs of gingivitis include:

  • Consistent bad breath
  • Tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth
  • Swollen or sensitive gums
  • Red gums (pink gums are healthy, red gums are not) 
  • Pain and sensitivity in the teeth 

If you are noticing these signs and symptoms, schedule an appointment with your local dentist right away. You still have a good chance of reversing the disease altogether and taking more preventative measures if you catch it right away. 

Reversing Gingivitis

If you have the symptoms of gingivitis, see your dentist right away. According to the American Dental Association, a professional cleaning by your dentist can be enough to wipe away gingivitis completely. 

However, it’s still essential that you continue improving your oral health. Also, be sure to take more precautions to prevent the disease from returning. While professional dental cleaning can do the trick, you’ll want to take home a new list of healthy habits and oral hygiene techniques. Together, these can keep your mouth as healthy as possible. 

For example, you’ll want to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once to prevent another buildup of plaque on your teeth and gums. Make sure you get a new toothbrush when your old one becomes frayed. You can also invest in certain dental products that are specifically aimed at preventing gingivitis. 

Periodontal Disease

If you were unable to see if the signs of gingivitis and your gum disease have advanced, the damage might not be reversible. Periodontal disease is an aggressive form of gum decay that can cause a myriad of health issues in the mouth. As an inflammatory disease, it makes your mouth prone to infection. It can then also infect the bloodstream and cause problems throughout the body. 

There are many treatments for periodontal disease, although nothing is a true cure. However, there are measures you can take to prevent the disease from developing further. And, by doing so, you can prevent it from causing you some extreme issues in your mouth. 

Everything from scaling and root planing to surgery options is available for you if you are suffering from gum disease. Speak with an expert at Pearl Dental to see which health option is best for you!

Protect Your Gums Today 

Knowing the early signs of gum disease is vital. If you can catch it early enough, it is entirely reversible. But the more it advances in your mouth, the worse the symptoms become, and opportunities for reversal start to vanish. For more information regarding the health and protection of your gums, contact Pearl Dental online today. To request an appointment, you can also give us a call at (909) 344-3543. 

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