Importance of Child Dental Checkups

Importance of Child Dental Checkups

Parents are always wondering what the best age is for their kids to start visiting the dentist regularly. And if your kids are like most other children, they will certainly be reluctant to step into the dentist’s office again. For children, going to the dentist is scary, uncomfortable, or just downright icky. But child dental checkups are still important.

We know that taking your kids to the dentist is not always fun for them. However, promoting the importance of regular dental care can help them prevent any major dental issues as they grow older. You can also teach them about the best ways to practice daily dental hygiene. This can reduce the number of dental office visits they need to make.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why taking your child to a pediatric dentist in Pomona is so important.

You Can Help Your Child Maintain Healthier Teeth

Going to the dentist for child dental checkups is an excellent way to teach your child why it’s such a good idea to keep their teeth clean. Our pediatric dentists at Pearl Dental certified to help you and your child invest in better dental health. But also, we are also equipped to gently handle any dental issues that may become apparent during an exam.

Professionals can help to teach your young one about proper dental hygiene. They can give expert advice and even provide tips and tricks to make cleaning your teeth a fun practice every day. They can help your child understand what foods and drinks are bad for the teeth and why.

Your Child Will Get Rid of Tooth Decay Before it Advances

Probably the best reason in support of annual dental checkups, aside from getting a thorough cleaning, is to get rid of any signs of decay or cavities. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that 43% of kids between the ages of 2 to 11 have had at least one cavity. In the event your child does have one, it is nothing to be overly worried about, especially if it is caught early. A simple fillings procedure will get rid of all signs of decay and reinforce the teeth against further buildup.

The sooner you and your child visit the dentist, the easier it will be to recognize the signs of early decay. The better chances your child will have of getting rid of the problem before it advances into something more serious. Listen to your child for the symptoms of cavities, including pain, irritation, tooth sensitivity, trouble concentrating, and depression.

It Helps to Discover Other Oral Health Problems

The earlier an oral health problem is discovered, the better it is to get rid of the issue before it causes any serious damage. Aside from tooth decay, there are other dangers that can arise in the mouth as well. For example, decay and bacteria can lead to the development of gum disease. A tooth cavity that is left unchecked may result in a root canal procedure. This is something no child wants to go through. The earlier they can get examined, the easier it will be to maintain good oral health and a happy smile.

You Can Teach Kids the Value of Oral Health

Sometimes it takes an expert to convince a child to take care of their mouth. Investing in a healthy smile is something that will take you far in the future. Depending on your child’s needs, our dentists can provide care and treatments to help your child’s health remain in good standing. It also helps to paint a picture of the difficulties and pains they would face if they were to be riddled with dental health problems.

Invest in Your Child’s Future Today!

As much as they may not want to visit the dentist, it is important that your child sees a local expert at least twice per year. Investing in good oral health is invaluable, and can prevent tons of painful, limiting, and expensive ailments down the line. For all of yours and your kid’s dental needs, Pearl Dental offers both a chance to visit a top dentist in Pomona who is here to help! We provide child dental checkups and many other services.

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