Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt? Top Dental Comfort Tips

Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt? Top Dental Comfort Tips

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Does teeth cleaning hurt? The honest answer is: it shouldn’t. Your normally scheduled dental cleaning should not cause you pain. However, there can be complicating factors. Inflammation in the gums, tooth decay and other symptoms of oral disease can lead to increased sensitivity. This can cause pain when prodded during the cleaning process.

In these cases, it is important to be open with your Pomona dentist. Even the most challenging cleanings can be painless. The best way to ensure this is to communicate clearly with your hygienist. The hygienist can then use the appropriate topical anesthetics.

Pearl Dental Care of Pomona uses both medicated gels as well as prescription rinses, when necessary, to give our patients the highest levels of comfort during their dental cleanings. In addition, we may employ ultrasonic scalers, where appropriate, to limit the invasive discomfort that many associate with the procedure. Please discuss these options with your dental hygienist prior to your appointment so they can put together the best plan of action for you.

What Can You do to Prevent Pain at the Dentist?

Ironically, the simplest way to avoid dental pain is through the regular maintenance of your teeth, including professional cleanings. Dentists suggest brushing after every meal, or a minimum of twice a day. Regular flossing also does up to 40% of necessary plaque removal.

Flossing, like professional cleaning, can be uncomfortable if your gums are inflamed, and the same rules apply to both. If either flossing or cleanings are painful for you, it is best to repeat these activities until you’ve achieved a healthy enough mouth to floss without pain or bleeding. Until then, Sensodyne Desensitizing Toothpaste can help reduce the discomfort you experience while going through your daily routine.

For when you’re actually in the chair, the anxiety of being at the Dentist’s office can be painful in and of itself. Harvard Health suggests seeking distractions that pull your mind away from the impending procedure. Listening to music through headphones or encouraging your hygienist to talk about other, non-related subjects are a great start.

However, the most important factor may simply be finding the right dentist. Dental Fear Central is the definitive community for people who struggle with going to the dentist despite their fear of pain and anxiety in the chair. Their top suggestion is to find a dentist who is empathetic as well as knowledgeable. It may take a few different visits, but most dentists offer a new patient special, giving you the opportunity to find a professional that helps you feel comfortable and safe as they help you take care of your overall health.

The Consequences of Avoidance

Does teeth cleaning hurt? Maybe, but the temporary discomfort is much better than the alternatives. Without professional cleaning, it can be next to impossible to totally prevent the build-up of plaque, especially given the concentration of sugar and starch in the average American diet. As plaque builds, gum disease can develop, leading to the tenderness we often mistakenly associate with dental cleanings.

As gum disease becomes more severe it evolves into what is known as periodontal disease. The inflammation caused by periodontal disease can lead to an inflammatory throughout the body. This swelling can negatively influence several other health conditions, including heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and dementia.

Whether it’s been six months or six years since your last dental visit, make an appointment to discuss your oral health with a dentist today. Your teeth aren’t just a cosmetic feature. They are a link to four major bodily systems, and their maintenance is necessary for your overall, physical health. Does teeth cleaning hurt? It doesn’t have to when you visit Pearl Dental in Pomona![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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