Dangers of Skipping a Dental Visit

Dangers of Skipping a Dental Visit

Nobody loves going to the dentist, but some people are just downright horrified at the thought. Whether due to an irrational fear or just being plain busy, too many people tend to skip dental visits for too long. The most effective way for our experts at Dental Care of Pomona to convince patients to schedule a personal consultation with the dentist is to teach them about the biggest dangers of skipping a dental visit over time.

Dangers of Skipping a Dental Visit

Toothaches can get worse, and infections can spread. Some oral health issues don’t have any pervasive symptoms and continue to do damage in the background; only certain examinations and procedures can help identify and treat your dental ailments. Here’s why you need to schedule an appointment at your local office right now!

Plaque and Tartar

This might sound gross, but it’s true: when you sleep at night, bacteria grow on the surface of your teeth. It happens when you breathe in and out, leaving behind whatever was in the air. If you don’t brush it all away in the morning, it can harden and turn into plaque (or worse – tartar). This hard and sticky substance not only spreads decay but becomes impossible to remove without the aid of professional dental tools.

Heart Disease

What does dental health have to do with heart disease? Actually, it has everything to do with it. There is an exhaustive list of health problems that all come from particular issues in the mouth. That harmful bacteria growing on your teeth can spread throughout your body when left unchecked, getting into your blood and causing issues with your heart. Inflammation can occur in the arteries, veins, and blood, leading to fatal health issues.

Total Tooth Loss

Again, the spread of infection is the biggest danger you can face as someone who skips out on going to the dentist. While it’s natural to fear something that may be uncomfortable or painful, rest assured that our friendly dentists want to make you feel at ease while we tend to the betterment of your health. When you fail to visit the dentist in time, you risk losing your teeth altogether.

The first lesson learned in dentistry is that a dental infection can lead to tooth loss. When infection first starts to creep into your tooth – usually in the form of decay – it can be saved by your dentist using a cavity filling procedure. But the more it spreads, and the deeper it goes into your tooth, the more difficult it will be to spare your tooth altogether. You may require a tooth extraction or a root canal procedure to stop the infection from spreading further.

Tooth Decay

It might go without saying by now, but tooth decay is the biggest and most common risk of missed dental visits. Tooth decay starts with that harmful bacteria that builds up on your teeth while you sleep. It can also come from the foods and drinks you consume. This is why it is so important to brush your teeth before bed and after you wake up, as this is when the bacteria have the most time to do their work. Get in touch with a dentist right away to learn how you can avoid the negative health effects of tooth decay and tooth loss.

Find the Best Oral Health Help ASAP!

Don’t wait until your oral health gets the best of you. Save your smile and your teeth by getting in touch with your general dentist in Pomona today! At Dental Care of Pomona, we offer innovative solutions to treating any problem with decay, no matter how large or small. Call us now and stay on top of your oral health!

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