Correct Cleaning of Your Dentures

Correct Cleaning of Your Dentures


Taking care of your dentures is the key to make them serve you in the best way and for longest duration possible. Neglecting their cleanliness could result in stains, plaque and other oral inconveniences.

Here are a few ways of correctly cleaning your dentures:

  • To avoid the damage of your dentures, in case they are dropped while cleaning them, it is advised that you clean them over a sink filled with water or place a damp cloth or other soft material in the basin.
  • Never use hot water while rinsing your dentures as they may warp or damage your dentures. Instead use cold or lukewarm water.
  • Always use a good denture cleaner or paste. Not just any regular toothpaste will do. In fact, it is reported that they could harm your dentures.
  • Tooth brushes are not recommended for cleaning your dentures. Use a moistened denture brush for the job.
  • Brushing your denture harder doesn’t mean shinier or cleaner dentures. Instead, it could lead to damages such as cracked or broken dentures.

Getting a denture replacement will vary and depend greatly upon your habits, tolerance and also on how clean and hygienic you keep them. Keeping them clean and plaque free also ensures the best look, performance and longevity of dentures.

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