Common Dental Emergencies

Common Dental Emergencies

Your teeth and gums are very complex parts of the body and require many levels of care to help you stay healthy and maintain a stunning smile. Our mouths come in contact with many things as we eat, drink, breathe, and go about our day. Sometimes, emergencies happen that require treatment right away. Knowing these common dental emergencies is important.

From mild to severe tooth pain, broken teeth, or bleeding gums, there are a lot of common dental emergencies that you should be aware of. Many of our dentist Pomona patients wonder whether their tooth issue can be treated at home, or if it constitutes an emergency.

Common Dental Emergencies

Check out some of the most common reasons for dental emergencies below so you can determine what your next step needs to be.

Lost or Broken Tooth

Many people involved with contact sports are at risk of physical injury, especially in the mouth. A trip or a fall can loosen some of your teeth enough for them to fall out, or you can severely crack the structure. Either way, this is a true dental emergency that should be treated ASAP.

If your tooth has fallen out, do not pick it up by the roots. Try to pick it up by the surface and place it in a glass of milk, as it needs to stay moist so the dentist can put it back in.

Sores in the Mouth

Everyone gets sores in their mouths from time to time. This could be something as simple as a canker sore. Or it could be a range of sores that pop up all over the mouth. Regardless, it is important to visit your emergency dentist when you are experiencing sores. The nature of the sores can be linked to gum disease or other painful conditions that should be treated right away to prevent long-term health effects.

Dental Caries

Dental caries is a type of common bacterial infection that occurs in the mouth. This can happen when the protective layer of enamel wears off, leaving the teeth defenseless against the buildup of bacteria from food and drinks. The buildup of decay eventually causes an infection, which is more detrimental the more it spreads.

Dental caries are one of the most common dental emergencies. And they are certainly one of the most common infections causing people to visit their emergency dentist.

Dental caries can be spotted with the naked eye, as the buildup of bacteria appears milky in color. There are also some brown-colored cavities that can form on the surface of the teeth, indicating that there is an underlying infection. It is important to visit your emergency dentist ASAP if you see any signs of dental caries.


The mouth can feel pain in many different ways and for many different reasons. For the most part, the reason why people visit the emergency dentist in the first place is that they are experiencing an intolerable degree of pain. Pain and discomfort can be the result of injury and physical trauma. Or it can be an indication that there is an infection taking hold in the roots of your teeth.

Swelling and Bleeding

Aside from the pain, patients may also be experiencing other discomforting symptoms that compel them to visit the dentist as quickly as they can. Swelling and bleeding are both big signs that something is wrong, and neither symptom should be taken with a grain of salt.

If your gums are swelling or bleeding, you need to visit an emergency dentist. You may be dealing with a condition that cannot heal on its own; therefore, professional intervention is the best option for your health.

Visit Your Emergency Dentist ASAP

If you are in pain right now, don’t hesitate to visit your local emergency dentist Pomona. Whether you have been in an accident or you are dealing with a bad infection and tooth pain, our specialists can provide the right treatment for you in a jiffy.

Don’t sit around with your pain getting worse and worse each day. Dental issues must be taken care of quickly so you can get back to better health ASAP. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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