Exercise and Your Smile – Learn the Connection

Posted by on Aug 27, 2015

Exercise and Your Smile – Learn the Connection
They both give us joy and energy.  Exercising and smiling are both a source of happiness.
Both is enjoyable to most of us, so much so that we believe it could potentially reduce the risk for a number of diseases including stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis even premature birth.
Let’s face it, when we smile we are hoping for someone to smile in return and it is a language without words, a communication that needs no translation. Smiling releases endorphins which give a happy signal that surges in our bodies and minds convincing our inner selves that we are much happier and satisfied. So let’s exercise and smile!
We all know exercise is good for our body and can improve our skin tone and elasticity. Being confident with our body gives us the reason to give a perfect smile and happily expose our teeth.
We all need to smile and exercise often and spread our Joy.
Astrid Arostegui R.D.A.
     Office Manager